Friday, April 27, 2012

a day-cation

Vadim's parents have come into town so we decided to take a vacation to the "mineral beach" on the Dead Sea for the day, making it a day-cation! And oh, was it a wonderful day!

I realized that the Dead Sea is a beach bums haven. Why you may ask? Oh, I'll gladly share. The weather is perfect there, it barely ever rains and it stays warm not just dry. Also, the water is cold enough to cool you down but warm enough to make you stay in and soak. The best part though is that it is effortless, you simply float atop of the water and enjoy the feel of it all. Even though the water dehydrates you like crazy (it consists of 33% salt, compared to the ocean which is like 5%), I couldn't stay away. Also, the sea is DEAD. You don't have to worry about creepy, slimy things invading your space. You can simply relax.
Apart from the beach bum in me who was entranced, the girl in me indulged in the mineral mud. Such a great day with the husband and parents. 

With parents being here, we have quite the itinerary planned for the next two weeks before we head home. We plan to visit Haifa (it has some sort of hanging gardens?) the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tiberias, Tel-Aviv, maybe the Dead Sea again (fingers crossed). But one that I am most happy to announce is that we are going to Egypt! We didn't think we would pull it off, but we are! Well, that is if we can cross the border, there seem to be issues with that. Nonetheless, we are going. We plan to stay by the Red Sea and hope to make it into Cairo to see some sort of pyramids.. Oh, the fun that awaits!

 Isn't this the best place to study? I think so!
 The mud is stored in these big jugs
The husband had no desire to partake in the bathing of mud, so I doubled the dose on myself.  


  1. Allison in the Wonderland :)April 28, 2012 at 8:56 AM

    Did parents do the mud as well?

    1. Yes, parents indulged in the mud as well.

  2. It's so nice to see these landmarks through your documentation... Beautiful words + photos. What an experience! Enjoy it all :)

    1. Thank you, yana. Yes, the experience has been wonderful! Unfortunately all things come to an end:(